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Play school is child’s first point of independent contact with adults and children outside his/her familiar circle of family and friends. Extensive research and resulting astonishing findings in the field of early education have shown how crucial the years 3 to 6 are from shaping the neurological structure of the brain. Teaching methodology or curriculum is serious business even in a playschool.

Activities and Teaching Method

Montessori is the basis for education where four key areas are covered- Practical Life, sense organs, language and math skill. Certain newer concepts are also incorporation into curriculum these are- Play way method and multiple intelligence mapping.

The child is seen as an active participation in learning is primarily through imitation and imagination with emphasis on practical activities. This is achieved through story-telling, puppet play, games, singing, nature walk. Oral language is emphasized.

Play Way Method

Learning is not forced it is made fun. We follow child centric method of teaching that is informal and natural to suit the child’s interest. Teaching is made lively and interesting by activities like games and construction activities. Learning is not just limited to cognitive development but also for the overall development of a child.

Multiple Intelligence Mapping

Different children have different learning styles. Eight abilities govern the learning process in any individual, especially children- spatial, linguistic, logical, mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic. We have adopted this method and plan our curriculam to ensure that same topic is covered in different ways so that children reach the learning goals by methods that are appropriate to their learning styles. Objective of pre- school is to produce a child who is beginning to feel confident about himself enjoys creative tasks, can take simple decision easily and enjoys the process of learning.


It is scientifically proven that children tend to remember when they do something themselves. These four demonstrations and activities are integral part of our curriculum.

Computers have become a necessity today. Keeping pace with technology, we have fully equipped computers lab. Use of audio video smart classes facilities e-learning.

Nine tenths of education is encouragement. The child is encouraged to wonder take notice and make new level of understanding and development. The school environment is considered as the theird facilitator.

Documentation of child’s work in progress is done as it is an important tool in learning process for child. Teacher and parents learning is made visible by documenting the learning process.

Activities and children are allowed to express their ideas through drawing, painting, drama, music, dance, debates etc.

Teaching aids are either made available by school or created using materials which happen to be at hand.


  • Behavioral skills- teamwork, leadership, community.
  • Application skills- situations are created where children can apply their knowledge to real life environment.
  • Creative thinking skills.


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July 2014
School Opening Ceremony

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Messages from Management

  • " WORK HARD IN SILENCE LET SUCCESS MAKE A NOISE " We believe that parents and teacher are a team and should work like one for all round development of the child. Active participation is must therefore we welcome parents for any feedback. let us all strive towards making our children the best they can be...

    — Mr. Lakhpat Singh Butola

    ( Director of Dharma International School )

  • " A CHILD WITHOUT EDUCATION IS A BIRD WITHOUT WINGS " Each student is like a DIAMOND, beautiful and precious. Like a diamond needs cutting and polishing to get the shine; a student also requires training in different fields to achieve the real glory. At DIS, we recognize a child as a natural learner and knowledge as the outcome of the child's own activity... 



    ( Principal of Dharma International School )